Permanent Named Scholarship or Endowment

Create a permanent and lasting legacy of hope and stability for future generations of St. Sebastian Parish by establishing a Permanent Named Scholarship or Endowment with the St. Sebastian Parish Foundation. Your endowment will help provide a more secure financial future for the parish organizations or ministries, our school and children, or any projects that are important to you while allowing you to leave a named legacy with your faith community. Once you have determined your charitable priority, you will define your scholarship or endowment, thereby allowing only you to specify how your funds are spent, as well as how the funds donated by others to your endowment are spent. The Foundation invests your funds to continue to grow your legacy for the future of our Parish. With any initial gift amount, or your estate pledge or gift - combined with your pledge to build your endowment to at least $7,500 - you will have created your lasting legacy of stewardship with St. Sebastian Parish.

Please contact the Development Director at 330.836.2233x113 or with any questions.