List of Funds and Endowments

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Foundation Funds and Endowments

St. Sebastian Development Fund
Unrestricted Gifts for the Greatest Needs of the Parish


Church Funds and Endowments

Adult Education


Foley Family Adult Religious Education Endowment
Fr. William D. Karg Faith Formation Fund



Paul A. & Patricia A. Hummel Bereavement Endowment



Adoration Chapel
Cornerstone of our Faith
John L. and Nellie A. Tormey Rectory Restoration Fund



Fickes Clergy Enrichment Fund
Vocational Health & Wellness Fund
Seminarian Scholarship Fund



The Academy of Culture and Arts



Grounds Crew Flower Fund
Z-Hall Plaza Grounds Fund
St. Sebastian Greenhouse Fund



Music Endowment
Organ Project Fund



Sanctuary Society Fund
Boy Scout Troop #96 Fund


School Funds and Endowments



Athletic Booster Club Fund
Byrider Hall Window Replacement Fund
Locker Fund



St. Sebastian School Endowment



Art Fund
Victor E. Buehrle, Jr. Science Lab Fund
Computer Fund
Helen Barry Hamlin Library Fund
iPad Fund
Mary Jane Hudak Roberts Math Fund
September Spectacular Arts & Cultural Enrichment Fund
September Spectacular Garden Fund
September Spectacular Technology Fund

Tuition Assistance 


Alumni Scholarship Endowment
Fr. Charles Byrider Education Endowment
Hugh Colopy Scholarship Endowment
Meyo Clarke Comunale Scholarship Endowment
Franklin K. & Delores H. Dietzler Education Endowment
Alberta Hensley Scholarship Endowment
Hank and Eileen Hudson Scholarship Endowment
John and Joan Kelley Scholarship Endowment
Mr. and Mrs. James M Lyons, Sr. Family Endowment
M.G. O'Neil Scholarship Endowment
Wm. J. O'Neil Scholarship Endowment
Basil J. & Anne L. Scafidi Scholarship Endowment
Lewis & Kathleen Seikel Scholarship Endowment
Sheeks Family Scholarship Endowment
Mary Theresa Schorr Stanley Memorial Scholarship Endowment
September Spectacular Tuition Reduction Fund
Stiller Family Scholarship Endowment
Victor Yanko Scholarship Endowment

Tuition Assistance and Teacher / Staff Support


Dr. H. Thomas and Mary Rita Baumgardner Scholarship Endowment
Cleary Family Scholarship Endowment
Eugene D. & Marie T. Graham Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Carl E. Krill, Sr. Family Endowment
McFarland Education Scholarship Endowment
Esther Simonetti Owen Scholarship Endowment
James M. Pier, Sr. Scholarship Endowment
William and Mildred Walzer Education Endowment
Richard & Carroll Weber Scholarship Endowment

Teacher / Staff Support


Louis H. Amer Education Endowment
Mary Jo Costigan Teacher's Salary Endowment
Social Ministry Fund



AOH Arrow Scholarship Fund
Dayspring Opportunity Scholarship Fund
Lynn Frey-Steward Organ Scholarship Fund
Gerstenmaier Family Scholarship Endowment
GOAL (Graves O'Neill Academic Leaders) Endowment
Frances L. Sharp Scholarship Endowment
Seminarian Scholarship Fund
John A. Trecaso Scholarship Endowment