Current Needs for St. Sebastian Parish

Prepared by Reverend John Valencheck

IntroductionCaretakers of His HouseRoofs, Boilers and Parking Lots
Pews, Floors and DoorsDown the Road

Fr Valencheck

As the home of Christ the Eucharist, St. Sebastian Church is an important spiritual anchor for its parishioners. The church is also an important physical anchor in our community. The church building strikes an imposing presence in the neighborhood. This massive, modern Romanesque style building, with its thick columns, soaring bell tower and expansive campus setting, conveys power, stability and authority. The building reflects the power of our faith, and the declaration above the front doors, “This is the House of the Lord,” reminds the entire community that the source of this power is Jesus.

Caretakers of His House

While we are not truly dependent on the church building for our existence and purpose – the Eucharist could be celebrated elsewhere – we are very fortunate at St. Sebastian to have this wonderful church building. In order to provide the best house possible for Our Lord, the parish dedicates much time and treasure to lovingly care for this building. Beyond the daily tasks, the parish undertakes larger, long-term capital projects to preserve the church as a strong spiritual and physical anchor in our community.

brick parking lotRoofs, Boilers and Parking Lots

The St. Sebastian Parish Foundation receives generous support from many people to support capital projects to maintain and enhance the parish’s buildings and grounds. In the first half of 2014, the following capital projects were completed: a new roof for the main school building, with new roofs for the preschool and the junior high school wing on the horizon; repairs to the church boiler to keep it operational until a planned replacement in a few years; and completion of the second of three stages of improved signage around campus. The Foundation was also able to set aside additional reserves for the eventual repair of the brick parking lot, a large project completed in the summer of 2015.

Pews, Floors and DoorsChurch Pew

After completing these more mundane capital projects involving roofs, boilers and parking lots, the parish directs focus on the church with capital projects that will not only repair and upgrade parts of the building, but also enhance the beauty and luster of Our Lord’s home. One of the high priorities is refurbishing of the woodwork, especially the pews, which are in serious disrepair. This project would involve removing the pews so they can be sent out to be repaired, sanded and varnished. Removing the pews would clear the way for two other church projects: refurbishing the terrazzo floor to its full glory and repairing water damage on the church ceiling.

Down the Road

Additional projects are being considered, such as replacement of the church’s glass doors, which are more than fifty years old. Also on the wish list are tabernacle repairs, new sanctuary items, and new lighting. Costs for these projects can be found in the project list for The Cornerstone of Our Faith capital campaign. Anyone with a particular interest in one of these projects is encouraged to contact Fr. Valencheck or the Development Director at the Foundation.

On behalf of the entire parish, the St. Sebastian Parish Foundation thanks all of those who have made contributions of time, talent and treasure in support of the parish. It is through your generosity that our parish and church will continue to be a solid spiritual and physical anchor for many years to come.